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First major retrospective of artist Monica Sjöö at the Moderna Museet

Stunned, thrilled and beyond excited to have been able to see in person the first major retrospective of artist, activist, writer and eco-feminist Monica Sjöö (1938-2005) at the Moderna Museet- a major fine art museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sjoo’s paintings and spiritual beliefs were interwoven with ancient matriarchal Goddess cultures - a subject and passion rarely seen in male dominated art museums.

"The knowledge of the existence in the ancient past of cultures shaped around and by creative women who were mothers as well as producers – seers, shamans and communicators with the living spirit and energies of the cosmos and Earth – gave me strength and hope to struggle during many years before the rebirth of the Women’s movement." - Monica Sjöö

Open through October 15. Enjoy a small taste from this remarkable exhibition.

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