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Iconic Portraits by Lisa Levart

Goddess on Earth is artist/photographer Lisa Levart's lifelong personal assignment to celebrate contemporary women while drawing upon ancient stories to elevate their life journeys. Created through a lens of love, this archetypal imagery is made to inspire women to be their most powerful selves.


A Divination Deck and Guidebook with Spirited Wisdom From Your Sisters

Oracle decks have long been embraced as a tool for divination, self-reflection and creative inspiration. Centered on contemporary, feminist interpretations of myths, this deck embraces all of those uses and more. Inclusive and diverse, the women portrayed offer their wisdom on the power of archetypes as a gift to others as they navigate their own lives.



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Women of the
Ramapough Lenape Nation

A poetic photographic series that follows descendants of the original people of the New York metropolitan area reclaiming long forgotten ancestral stories and revealing their own personal connections to these narratives.

Past Exhibitions include:

Historical Society of Rockland County, Ramapo College, Bartow Pell Museum, and Bergen Gallery at Bergen Community College. 

(see more on this project in Portfolio)

What They Are Saying

In one form or another, every woman on Earth is an embodiment of the Goddess. Let this book inspire you to claim your own divinity.

Dr. Christiane Northrup,

New York Times Best-Selling Health and Wellness Author

To hold Goddess on Earth in your hands is to know that within its pages, you will be transformed.

Linda Lowen, Producer/Co-Host, Take Care, National Public Radio (affiliate WRVO)

Opening this book is opening to awe. No one is better at revealing the goddess within, within every woman, than

Lisa Levart.

A beautiful book.

Informative. Inspiring.

A legacy.

Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award Winning Actress

Susun S. Weed, author

Wise Woman Herbal Series