I am an artist/activist based in the Lower Hudson Valley, NY, operating in the intersection between fine arts and social engagement.

My work has been exhibited widely and is represented in the permanent collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC. My projects have generously been supported by funds from; the Decentralization Program of NY State Council of the Arts, the Arts Council of Rockland County and by the Eileen Fisher Community Partnership Grant. I was recognized as a finalist in the Julia Margret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers in 2015 and 2018.

Goddess on Earth is my ongoing project, celebrating a connection with something greater than ourselves as revealed through our ancestral myths. Contemporary women are my focus while the series draws upon ancient stories to elevate their life journeys. Goddess on Earth illuminates the continuing relevance of archetypes and symbols, allowing women to recognize and give expression to their deepest selves.

My process is highly collaborative. The participating women are partners, rather than merely subjects to be captured in photographs or on video. To convey our message on multiple levels, the women and I often appear together in public presentations. This way, the fullness of their experience can be shared and revealed. Goddess on Earth has been mounted as multi-media installations in large-scale venues, as well as displayed in more traditional gallery spaces. Incorporated are often spoken words, music and graphics that enhance the experience and understanding for the public.

Women of the Ramapough Lenape Nation is a poetic and insightful documentary film that follows women from the Ramapough Lenape Nation - descendants of the original people of New York metropolitan area - participating in a portrait series with me. Here is a link to the film.

LUSH Photography, my commercial work, also specializes in portraits of women as their most powerful selves. For more on this work, please visit the Power Portraits section on the LUSH Photography web site.

The Huffington Post has featured my blogs that explore the intersection of feminist spirituality, art and photography. Read them HERE.

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Photo by Myles Aronowitz