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The seed of every portrait lies within the subjects themselves. What do they desire to be expressed through my lens? It starts with a conversation and spirals outward  from there.  I never “take” or “shoot” an image, to me those words represent aggressive actions. My process rather, is co-creating, reflecting, listening  and allowing  the woman to recognize and give expression to her deepest self. In this way, my art is like an Oracle.


Goddess on Earth celebrates a connection with something greater than ourselves as revealed through our ancestral myths. Though contemporary women are my focus, I strive to illuminate the continuing relevance of archetypes and symbols. 


Through the years, Goddess on Earth has been mounted as multi-media installations in large-scale venues, as well as displayed in more traditional gallery spaces. My work is represented in the permanent collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC, and my first book, Goddess on Earth; Portraits of the Divine Feminine,  won a Gold Nautilus Book Award. It was also named one of the 100 Best New Women’s Spirituality Books by the California Institute of Integral Studies.


Along the way, my projects have generously been supported by funds from; the Decentralization Program of NY State Council of the Arts, the Arts Council of Rockland County and by the Eileen Fisher Community Partnership Grant. In 2015, 2016 and 2018, my artwork was recognized as a finalist in the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers. 

LUSH Photography, the  commercial company I founded  with my husband Myles Aronowitz, also specializes in portraits of women in their work lives as their most powerful selves. For more on this work, please visit the Power Portraits section on the LUSH Photography web site.

The Huffington Post has featured my blogs that explore the intersection of feminist spirituality, art and photography. Some of them can be read here in the  blog section, others are archived on the Huffington Post HERE.


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I am a photographer on a mission.

​A tarot reading two decades ago literally changed my life. After years photographing glamorous weddings, I was ready for a new path. With prescient clarity, the reader interpreted the cards as the message to photograph women as Goddesses.  “I don’t know what a Goddess is!” I replied. “Don’t worry, the women will know.” And so it began.

I have traveled near and far from my Hudson Valley home to create iconic portraits that uncovers the spirit of independent girls, ferocious women, powerful warrior activists and epic elders, and weaves together the personal and collective journeys of women’s lives.


“Her images of women - Goddesses - will literally leave you breathless, they will empower you, lift you. Inspire you. Encourage you.” —Amy Ferris, writer, author, playright, and yes, a Goddess.”


Welcome to my world of Oracle Art.