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Divination Deck and Guidebook with Spirited Wisdom from your Sisters

Goddess on Earth: ORACLE is a 45-card deck with iconic portraits of real women portraying the Divine Feminine. Structured around the five elements; EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE and SPIRIT, the 144 page, in-depth, soft covered book offers readers deeper knowledge about the attributes of the myths, the perspectives of the women portrayed, and a specific action to reflect upon. This beautifully designed oracle deck is an invaluable source of sisterly wisdom.

Goddess on Earth ORACLE

Sacred myths and ancestral stories
offer roadmaps to understanding life.

These are all available to us—oracles, sacred stories and nature—to help us as we navigate our wondrous journeys. Let them invigorate your world and illuminate additional paths for you to explore.

Goddess Pele (Michelle Manu) Goddess on Earth ORACLE


Cherish, nurture, and guard emerging aspects of yourself, just as Pele ferociously protects her beloved little sister Hi’iaka from all danger.

Artemis (Maya Carl) Goddess on Earth ORACLE


Sharpen your arrow and grab your bow and run….…run like Artemis through virgin woods.

Water Spider

The seed of courage is planted with each conscious decision we make. 

Cover with award_edited.png

Goddess On Earth
Portraits of the Divine Feminine





Photographs and Insights of Everyday Women as Goddesses

Real Women Exploring and Celebrating Their Power, Strength & Beauty


Photographs by Lisa Levart

Foreword by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. 

Afterword by Starhawk

Cloth Hardcover | 160 pp | 10” x 11"

Printed in Verona, Italy by Editoriale Bortolazzi-Ste