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Workshops & Presentations

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Lisa Levart has offered workshops and keynote presentations widely at conferences, colleges, museums, women's retreats and private homes.

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The Radical Act of Women Declaring: "I am Here. See Me."

The Radical Act of Women Declaring: “I am Here: See Me” shows the importance of using art to elevate the personal and collective journeys of women’s lives, and how collaborative portrait making leaves space for personal agency and the radical 

act of declaring “See Me."

In this keynote presentation, artist Lisa Levart speaks about her photography, unique creative process when making portraits and the power of images to inspire others.


Ignite Your Intuitions with ORACLE CARDS

In this workshop, we explore the elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit, the language of images and symbols, and the power of stories. The workshop stimulates participant's intuition to gain new perspectives on each reader’s personal journey. 


After learning the basic elements of the Goddess on Earth ORACLE deck, we jump into individual readings…with each other as partners. Interacting with the divination cards and learning  to trust one's intuitive response is a vibrant exercise that deepens personal knowledge and creates new pathways to creativity.

Rivertown "Inspired" 2022: Featuring Lisa Levart giving a (3) minute talk- "I Am Here. See What I See"

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