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Dear Friends,

The ORACLE launch at the Edward Hopper House was truly a celebration of freedom from Covid restrictions, seeing friends in person for the first time in 15 months, the summer solstice, Juneteenth and a glorious gaggle of Goddesses posing for festive photos together (try saying that 3 times!)

We received numerous gifts of wisdom from the speakers at the ORACLE launch.

Here are just a few of those gifts:

Priestess/Author Gina Martin led us in ritual to honor the summer solstice and were reminded to be in our fully in our bodies as we celebrate this time of abundance.

Eric Lawrence's guided, musical meditation both uplifted and grounded us to be present at this celebratory moment.

Artist Christine Randolph opened our intuitive perspectives and brought them forward when reading the Oracle cards.

Actress Isabelle McCalla reflected on our past and present through the prism of Juneteenth and revealed an inspired connection between the Goddess Mami Wata and our new national holiday.

And Gloria Feldt prompted us to embrace our power -like the Goddess Lilith- and elevate how we use it.

Thank you all who spoke and offered your gifts and talents to this very special day. We were all blessed.

We have launched and we did it together - we birthed a dancing star!

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