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Sacred Instructions

Olympia Dukakis had a profound influence on my Goddess journey.

I knew she was deeply committed to the Goddess world - narrating documentary films, collaborating with writers to create plays about the Goddess, and more. So in 2004, just a few years into my own discovery of the Goddess, I reached out while she was performing in NYC as Clytemnestra in Aeschylus' ''Agamemnon’'.

Now here's the fun part! How did I reach out? Just like in the movies...I left her a note at the box office... and she called me back! We spoke briefly on the phone, and she told me she would be rehearsing a play at the Helen Hayes Theater in Nyack, and we could meet there. I mean really, how lucky am I?

In her dressing room a few weeks later, I showed her my work on Goddess on Earth. She was fully present, looking carefully at each portrait, and when she was finished, she began to talk about the importance of the Goddess and the seriousness of the project I had embarked on. It was then that I received an instruction that has never left give myself fully to this important work - to take it as seriously as others had before me, and treat it with the depth it deserved. I left our meeting knowing I was committed and would do the work.

We met some time late at her NYC loft, and created her Inanna portrait. Olympia shared her passion for the Goddess, the importance of Inanna in her life; and I am truly honored (and thrilled) to have had that time with her...AND that she loved the portrait.

Her instructions to this day, are always with me, and I cherish our time together. Blessed be.


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