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The Ethics of Photographing Others - article by Adam Chau in ArtsNews

Thank you Adam Chau (and ArtsWestchester) for making space to discuss the context and reasoning behind the work of photographer Todd Shapera and myself.

"Todd Shapera and Lisa Levart, this year’s winners of the Lawrence Salley Photography Award have photographs on display, along with all finalists and awardees from previous years, in an exhibition named for the award.

The exhibition, on view in ArtsWestchester’s White Plains gallery through April 23, presents a variety of photographic practices from portraiture to the natural landscape. With photography capturing the imagination of the world outside the viewer’s immediate surroundings in White Plains, contemporary discourse from other cannons of history can be applied to these photographs. Asking for context, reasoning and ethical practice behind works of art are integral to understanding them[i] – Who is taking this photo? Why are they taking it? What is the relationship and power dynamic between the photographer and subject?"

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